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The Moondead

A Sacristan Mystery - Book One

When two macabre slayings turn a remote desert city upside down, a lead night detective from Major Crimes is looking for answers. A killer or killers, obsessed with religious intent, are targeting nuns and priests. But Lt. John Padric will find an assist in the insights of an archaeologist-turned-nun.

Her previous graduate studies in burial rituals took her to faraway Egypt, but now she’s exchanged the Sahara for the Sonoran and things are not what they seem. Newly arrived to the parish of San Miguel, good Sister Magdalen is restless and could do with some convent noir. The Cathedral has been waiting to tell her its secrets.

Paperback ($19.99):
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The Tombwoman

A Sacristan Mystery - Book Two

The same players are back and Sister Magdalen is still in her sacristy, still in her classroom teaching art history but now a paid consultant for the First Precinct; besides, as Captain O’Manion points out, the convent of San Miguel could use the money.

Detective John Padric still drinks alone and struggles with demons, but isn’t he Batman? He thinks so and, more often of late, can be found atop a tall building looking down at the streets where he...finds things.

The nun will confront even more mystery as she ventures onto ritual landscapes where unusual resting sites for the dead are discovered. Under the city, an ossuary of bones draws her interest. There is even more trouble afoot for the good Sister as a full moon still watches. Intrigue becomes her.

Paperback ($19.99):

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